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We collect worlds leading Bitcoin news and perform sentiment analysis through our advanced machine learning algorithms.

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How It Works


We collect a wide variety of crypto news from multiple online sources. If new articles exists, we know it.

Currently the pool constists of 24 news sources all around the globe. We are looking into further extending the number of sources in order to improve our sentiment analysis.


We use a variety of machine learning techniques in order to classify and analyse our data. For each new article our algorithms decide the sentiment.

Our custom algorithm makes use of a combination of unsupervised learning and supervised learning algorithms -- also known as ensemble methods.

This heterogeneous algorithm can predict the sentiment of Bitcoin related articles with high accuracy. While research is still going on in order to improve the accuracy.

Everyday the sentiment of all articles within the last 24 hours are calculated, resulting in a Bernoulli distribution. The mean is calculated resulting in a value between 0 (negative) and 1 (positive). A memory function is used in order to smooth out major fluctuations i.e. previous days are taken into the calculations with each a specific weight assigned. Finally the result is normalized and a Bitcoin News Index is created which can be anywhere from 1 (very bearish) to 10 (very bullish).


Sit tight and enjoy the ride. Once we are done you can check out our Bitcoin News Index or catch up with the latest crypto news.

* Every step is automated and no human interaction is required. Note that no robots were harmed during the process.